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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  October 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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c1 is hillary clinton already looking past the presidency to a new trump may not be her top prioritiment. more heart pry your -- priority. more on the giant sink hole in polk county. what the state is requiring the company to do to keep the toxic runoff out of the florida water supply. i'm gayle guyardo.
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it's 4:30, and we will go over to leigh spann. i keep saying the weekend, and we keep topping it. yesterday was perfect. >> shade it was beautiful, and max defender 8, showing not a worry this morning. barely a cloud out there, and you will notice, it's not quite as cool this morning. 5 the in lakeland, and sarasota, you're at 65, and everybody is running some 2-4 degrees boy are we in for another sunny day. temperatures at average, and it's hard to beat it with the high of 83. the 8-day temperature trend, and leslee is here to let you know what is going on on the roads. >> one little problem spot, and we will look at the skyway bridge. a blinking light there, and there's construction tieing up the inside lane, and traffic is
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that's usually wrapped up by 5:30 or 6:00 a.m. over here in the lutes area, a colorado collision at say the road 54 and daiquiiri lane. -- a collision at state road 54 and daiquiri lane. republican presidential nominee donald not to fast because he believes clinton is acting way too prematurely. it's just getting started and getting to be more of every day. there's comments on winning congress now? >> reporter: the democrats think the race is a shoein, and hillary clinton will come out on top. she's up 5-10 points according to national polls.
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yesterday, where he pounced on marco rubio, and he wants people to vote for the democrats. >> if you talk about marco rubio, here's his quotes about -- [crowd booing ] >> he called donald trump dangerous and he called donald trump a con artist, but he is supporting donald trump. >> reporter: in case you have not heard, the new poll from investors business daily, th 3 presidential elections by far has us up 2 points nationwide, and we are leading number one. >> reporter: donald trump is not giving up despite other national polls that point in hillary clinton's flavor. his rally drew a human crowd of 10,000 dallas night, but the
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be victorious in november. even barack obama is shifting his focus to the house and senate races hoping the democrats can gain control in november. hillary clinton will be here at curtis dickson park. she will encourage people to get out and vote, but he's at lake werth. donald trump is in san today. >> a busy schedule all the way across the board. thank you. hillary clinton is keeping up her attacks against her opponent. she campaigned with senator elizabeth warren. the two had sharp criticism of over the republican presidential nominee. >> he's proving to the world what it means to have an unqualified commander-in-chief. it's not only wrong, it's
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donald trump, women have had it with guys like you! >> hillary clinton is campaigning in coconut creek. day 2 of voting getting underway in the bay area. no one want it go it on election day. in hillsborough county alone, 18,000 people cast early ballots on hillsborough, polk, manatee, citrus, and ere than doe counties, are offering early voting. for information on where you can vote early, we have everything you need to know. your election guide, and we will find a complete 2016 fact checking moments. just one day after friends and family gather to remember
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kill 9 by an alleged drunk driver they are ceremonying for the person who vandalized a memorial for troy mcgwire. marry, what was done to the memorial? >> reporter: it's a heart breaking story. friends and family placed a shirt and lat alongside the road to remember their friendsfriend, and now they said the here's what it looked like, and it was a bright yellow shirt and a baseball hat placed where mcgwire was hit and killed. >> it's a shame we get up early in the morning to go on calls, and we don't know if we are coming home to our families or not, you know, because of drunk
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anyone who knows what may have happened to the precious items to come forward. this morning, we are making calls to the hillsborough county sheriff's office to see if they are investigating the alleged theft. gayle, he leaves behind four children. >> what a tragic story, thank you, mary. state and mosaic has reached a sink hole at the new wales plant. under a deal, moe sayic will be required to fill the sink hole and the company will have to recover all the pollution that drained into the aquafir. the state could fine them $10,000 a day if they don't live up to it. three people are behind
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home while the owners were sleeping. richard speans and kevin barker, and danielle azullia are charged with burglary and grand theft. azullia will be in court today to face charges. this is video surveillance from wal-mart of the suspects using the stolen cards. pasco county deputies are christian tillson moved to hudson from new york, and he was convicted of having sex with a 15-year-old girl in 2005 while in new york. it's believed he could be driving a light blue pontiac. if you know where he s please call the pasco county sheriff's office. it's another beautiful day. >> it really. is the low humidity, fall air, and it's not as cool this morning.
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7:00 a.m., 62 degrees, and look at this. 76 at 2:00, and 83. and nice and warm in the sunshine, and pleasant in the shade, and these are near average temperatures. mid-80s for the rest of the week, not much rain, and that's a 10% rain chance by the end of the week, and i'm not banking on it by the end of the week for sure. we will gradually increase the humidity levels, and mid-80s is comfortabl average. the thumbs up for emojiman. 86 tomorrow, and 85 on thursday, friday, and saturday. we will check with traffic on the 8s. hopefully it's not too bad out there. >> we have one issue going on with construction. first of all, the good news. ybor city looking great and the
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move into the lutes area, daiquiri lane, there's a collision, and it's tieing up the lanes. the skyway t too hard see with the lights, but you're pushed over to the right with the blinking arrow. this is head northbound. southbound, you may see a bit remaining as well. you can get by, and just be cautious. back to melanie and gayle. >> thank you so much, leslee. man's best friend proving he is really the best friend. >> th still ahead how a bay area pup took on a giant rattlesnake to save his owner's life. why the subway pitchman's wife is suing the subway. and why veterans are
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shocking story about a story about our veterans who
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bonuses their earned while serving our country. they received bonuses of $15,000 to reenlist, but unfortunately the department of defense says the bonuses were only meant for soldiers with certain assign. s, and now the veterans have to pay the price for the mistake. >> they betrayed me. i gave them my time. >> i think we got screwed and it was a slap in the face. congress and the california legislature are calling for federal action. the department of defense claims they are looking into the matter. the ex-wife of the disgraced subway pitchman is suing the chain. >> when the fbi banged on my door on july 7, 2015, i thought it was the west day of my life. i had no idea that the
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>> she claims subway knew about fogle's interest in sex with children and failed to act. she is suing for damages and answers. >> questions like what did subway know? when did they know it? what investigations did they conduct? did they ever notify the authorities? >> jared fogle pled guilty one count each of distributing child porn and traveling to engage in sexual contact with a child. testimony is underway in the whistle blowing lawsuit against penn state, and former assistant football coach saying he was wrongfully terminated
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sandusky was sexually abusing a boy. he claims it was an excuse to phase out his job. we are learning more about what may have caused a deadly tour bus crash in california. 13 people died and two dozen were injured when the bus smashed into the back of the tractor trailer rig. it's believed speed, fatigue, and possibly a medical emergency played a role in the crash. the bus was returning to los angeles a massive man hunt enterings day two in oklahoma city, and investigators want to find michael vance, and he's accused of killing his aunt and uncle and trying to dismember their bodies. this gets disturbing. he also shot a woman to steal her car. the three are expected to survive. vance posted threatening videos
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where he was covered in blood. check this out. an amazing rescue in arizona where crews saved a man who was stuck in a storm drain. you can see the crews using the saw to cut through the concrete and metal. it's believed the man ended up in the storm drain after the heavy rains swept him away. after crews rescued him, the man simply walked away unscathed. >> minnesota is moving forward with the plans to turn prince's home ts a permanent museum. the city council was vote was unanimous to move forward with the plans for paisley park. he died over an accidental overdose of fentanyl. he was 57 years old. >> this is one of our favorite stories this morning. a highland county man is calling his dog a lifesaver. the dog is credited with
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>> i immediately tried to get her away from the snake, but she was insisting on get beg between me and the snake. >> that's tom herbert describing what his dog did for him. the two were walking by a big pile of debris, and that's when the rattlesnake, over 4 he rushed the dog to the veterinarian where the dog received antivenom. >> my dulche may have reacted, but she would have been sleeping the whole time. >> top that. >> the weather might!
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this has been giving us the all clear for the past few days, and once again today, waking up, clear skies, and feeling nice. temperatures climb quickly. warm with the sunshine. 83degrees, warmer than yesterday, and it's warmer right now than yesterday morning, and lakeland, 59, and brooksville 51. sarasota, you're nice and mild. i checked watcher, bob in venice. what about the long-range forecast? it's going to be a beautiful day. the high pressure is sliding to the east, general east to southeast wind, and over the next few days. a little more humid, and a little warmer so that by thursday and friday. i will add in a 10% rain chance. not much cooler air, but staying comfortable all hallow's eve on monday.
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and it's in the distance. northbound moving across, and it should be wrapped up in the next hour or so. you can get by just fine. there's activity on the bridge at this point, and i-75 is looking great through manatee county right now, and so does i- 75 throughout sarasota county. we don't have any construction around university right now. we typically do, due to the the project. no delays, and that's good news. state road 54. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. >> holy guacamole! i was waiting to say that line. >> why you may pay more for the popular snack. girl scout cookies for breakfast? it may be a dangerous thing.
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an 8 on your side consumer alert, new tests are shining a light on a hazard of pickup trucks on the road. most pickup trucks did poorly in the new tested. only one large pickup earned a good rating, the honda ridgeline, and experts are
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rating means for drivers. >> almost half of traffic fatalities occur either at night or dawn or dusk, and so for the driver to be able to see obstacles, the environment and make changes or come to a stop, the headlights are really the only thing that will be able to do that. >> the tests also found out the 23 headlights combinations available on pickup trucks evaluated 14, creating drivers. don't be surprised if your favorite restaurant is out of guacamole. there's a shortage of avocados. high prices could linger until after the super bowl. why you ask? that's when demand for the guacamole soars. >> that's unacceptable.
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make you more hungry. you don't have to wait for lunch or dinner to have dessert. >> the thin minutes, you can now have them in your cereal bowl. general mills is teaming up with girl scouts to make thin minutes and caramel crunch it should be in stores in january. does that mean i >> yes. the healing power of animals. >> the pinellas county horse farm and the important work it's doing. your weather and traffic on the
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4:58. mild and clear out there. slightly warmer than this time yesterday. a beautiful day with an
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low of 66. leslee? >> look at this howard frankland bridge. great drive, and it will only take you 6 minutes. northbound, the construction has cleared on the skyway
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is the race for the white house already over? what hillary clinton and her campaign are now targeting that morning. obamacare rates are skyrocketing in the next year. how much more the customers have to fork out, and why. a historic world series with the cubs and the indians beginning tonight, and a lot of excitement in the windy city. what both manages for both teams are saying about the all- out extra attention on this series. they are so excited, and you know they are celebrating. >> rightfully so. good morning, and welcome to news channel 8 today.


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